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    Personal Outrage

    If you think that a burglary is the most personal attack that you can suffer, if you feel degraded, violated and totally helpless, then spare a thought for those individuals that have had their identity stolen. How would the thought of your mortgage payments being returned unpaid, your insurance cancelled because of a missed payment, or not being able to purchase petrol to get you home because your credit card is maxed out? These are just some of the problems experienced by people who very often through no fault of their own, have had their credit decimated.

    It can be by throwing out bank statements or credit card statements in the rubbish, utility bills, tax bills, store receipts and indeed every item of mail that contains personal information should be burned or shredded. Social networking can be a blessing for those that cannot regularly see friends and family, but it can also be a tool for a hacker to put together a profile sufficient to take over the persons very identity. People like to post pictures of their home, their holidays, pets and even their children all the very essence of what is needed to assume that persons status to the outside World.

    The following video is an informative guide of what measures to take and indeed what not to do for the prevention of this very personal of attacks.



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