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    • The following are links to the various help sites designed to guide the user through the maze of freeing their PC from a virus, Ransomware, Trojan or browser highjacking. Adopting some good working practices will also help. If you don't need to be connected to the Internet then don't be, turn the router off when not in use, when it takes only seconds to connect these days, there is no excuse to keep it "always on".  Do not open attachments or click links in emails when you are not 100% sure that the email is genuine. Currently the most common infected attachments are in no particular order, zip files, PDFs, Word docs and Excel docs. Very often these will not be the file themselves but a downloader that will seem benign, but will download and install a rogue piece of malware to do the damage.

    • Also here you will find links to the various products and tools mentioned on this website to prevent infection and avoid being caught out in the first instance. Prevention is always better than cure and the "it won't happen to me" attitude has no place on the Internet in 2016. When genuine sites like UNICEF, Google, Yahoo, Bing can be compromised then nobody surfing the Internet is safe without adequate protection.

    • A Guide to removing browser Virus, PUPs and Trojans  
      A programme to stop virus/malware running so that you can run a cleaner  
      A programme to clean rogue advertisements infecting your browser  
      Alternate programme can be used as well as the one above  
      Stand alone Virus scan and removal tool  
      Online realtime Virus scan and removal tool  
      Stand alone Virus scan and removal tool  
      Free Firewall software programme  
      Free Antivirus software programme  
      Free All in One, AV and Firewall software package  
      Free alternate Antivirus software programme  
      Remote control help tool  

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